Aweber Review – Pros and Cons

by admin on October 24, 2013

aweberlogoWhen you want email marketing software that is easy to use and delivers splendid results, you can put your faith in Aweber Communications. There are multiple benefits of using Aweber for email marketing purposes. The company which had been founded in 1998 today enjoys a huge clientele and boasts of an excellent team of passionate and dedicated employees. Aweber has over the years successfully come up with email marketing software which is capable of sending newsletters and follow-ups to their subscribers. You can use their software to produce sign-up forms and company newsletters to reach out to your target audience faster and better. The services offered by Aweber are completely hosted and managed by them and this saves you from the troubles of dealing with technical glitches or backup systems.

Reasons why you can choose Aweber:

Easy to use: Setting up is very easy and you can use Aweber for multiple purposes like sending emails, newsletters etc. The mails can even direct the reader to any blog or video post or even a sign-up page.

Flexible Customization: This feature is very significant because the user can utilize different resources and content like video and audio files to manage different mailing lists depending on their individual specifications. When you want to start targeted marketing campaigns, you can use this service for scheduling and sequencing. This means that you can utilize this function to send the emails on certain specific days of the week or month. The user can also enjoy benefits of auto responders having unlimited length with plain text message option and fully integrated HTML creator.

Tracking: Aweber is noted for offering accurate monitoring services which can improve your marketing campaigns. For instance, there is a feature that allows the user to track who opened your email so that you know exactly if your targeted audience is accessing it.

Customer Support: You can enjoy round the clock customer service support which is perhaps the best where email marketing software is concerned. This company makes use of feedbacks from clients to improve their services. You can also access their blog which contains important data about their new tools and resources. There is a live chat option where the user does not have to wait long and can get help from trained representatives any time of the day or night.

Automated blogging: Aweber is great for blogging and here the subscribers can actually help you succeed. If you can engage them successfully, they are likely to read more and comment.

Affordability: In view of the features Aweber offers, their costs are quite reasonable. You can also avail of their risk free trial options. You can use their services free of charges for a month and test whether they are satisfactory or not.

Contact Management: Aweber helps you import all your contacts from Excel into their online address book. It will automatically take out unsubscribers from your list and also give them an opportunity to state their reasons for unsubscribing.

Reliability: Aweber is famous for delivering high end services. It will alert the user in case the message appears like spam so that you have the time to edit them well enough to pass through spam filters.

In view of all these advantages, it seems fair to conclude that for safe and simpler email marketing, Aweber should be your first choice. You can devote more time to business development when you have easy design tools like those provided by Aweber at your service.

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